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Leather shoes should be polished with shoe polish at regular intervals. Our company is one of the oldest manufacturers of ready-to-use shoe polish industry and has knowledge and experience over 30 years.

GoldCare shoe polishes; nourish the skin of the shoes thanks to the rich and natural waxes and provide a long-lasting look as well as an elegant look.

Shoes should be ventilated against possible and unwanted odours at certain intervals and should be protected against odour and bacterium with shoe deodorant in our product ranges.

Factors such as perspiring feet, snow and rain can disrupt the skin of the shoes and the products we developed to prevent against such external factors.

If you will not use your shoes for a long time period, we recommend to put your shoes in suitable moulds and polish them with our leather oil and polishes in order to prevent deformation of the leather.  

For foot health, it is necessary to wear your shoes two days apart, wet and damp shoes should be dried at room temperature. When drying your shoes, avoid drying under the heater and the sun.

In snowy and rainy weather, we are recommend to use our waterproof products and the other our products formulated with water repellent polishes.

We recommend that do not wear suede and nubuck shoes in rainy and snowy weathers if possible but if its needed polish with our suede nubuck products. The formula makes water repellences and prevent suede hairs from sticking and gives them a natural look.

For foot health do not neglect the care of shoes.